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Wholesale FAQ

*All wholesale is made to order in very small batches, just for you.
*We do not stock wholesale inventory, it is made when you order.

What products do
you offer for
wholesale accounts?

See attached wholesale forms for a list of fragrances and products available for wholesale orders.

What is your minimum order
for wholesale?

In order to make it a better experience for our wholesale customers, we no longer have an order minimum, but we do have a product or batch minimum. Batch minimum is determined by the smallest size batch that can be made safely. This way, you can just reorder 1 item if it is moving faster than others. Each batch is 1 product in 1 scent, you cannot mix & match, if you want 2 scents in the same product, you would order 1 batch of each.

What is your
lead time for
wholesale orders?

Standard lead time for most products is 2-3 weeks at most, depending on supply inventory and orders already received being processed in the order they are received.

Soap lead times are longer because of necessary cure time. Soaps will take 10-12 weeks from time of order to delivery. 

Why don't I see fragrance blends on the wholesale list that are on your website?

In 2018, we revamped our wholesale orders for various reasons. Mainly, most of our wholesale customers are high end spas, salons, & boutiques that have custom blended fragrances for their location and do private label, so it just made sense to shift our wholesale model according to what we were already doing. We also realized that Selena doesn't like taking what she does out of context and prefers that the work she does that is deeper than just skincare to only be offered or explained by her. So, what is offered through our website is exclusive to our website, just like you have the ability to have items exclusive to you and your location. 

What if I want a product not listed on your wholesale form?

At this time, due to volume of work, pricing of supplies, and lack of demand, we are only offering the products listed on our wholesale forms at this time. If anything changes, we will update the wholesale form to be accurate. If it is not listed, we do not currently offer it. If you have interest in an item, let us know. If we get enough demand and Selena can create a new formula and go through proper product testing, but these are not products sitting on a shelf, Selena creates everything from scratch and then tests it. This has been a 20+ year labor of love and in this time we have learned a lot, that is how and why we have shifted how we do wholesale and it is working for us and our customers.

What is private label, why is there an upcharge? Why would I want to look into this?

Private label means that instead of having our information and logo on products, you send us your logo and we design a label so that the products can be presented as your own. This is usually done in conjunction with an exclusive fragrance blend. There is an upcharge (heavily discounted design rate) for designing the labels for you. You may be interested in this option because it looks high end, would promote your business with products within your location and give them something to take with them to remind them of the experience they had at your business. Every time they reach for that product, they think of you and your business.

What is an exclusive fragrance blend and why is it an upcharge? Why would I want to do this for my business?

An exclusive fragrance blend is a scent that Selena blends just for you and your business that is not used anywhere else. There is an upcharge (highly discounted) because of the amount of time and effort and supplies that it takes to do a custom blend, it can have as many as 30 individual components that blend to make something unique, just for you and your business. This is great for in person locations because you can get products to use at your location (soaps in the bathroom, candles, linen sprays, room diffusers, etc) in the exclusive scent,  this scent now represents your business. This allows people to take that scent with them in the products you offer for sale in that scent. It's great promotion and people tend to love taking home a piece of a great experience. Then, every time they use the product and smell that scent, they are reminded of your business and their experience there. It's like taking a piece with them to keep you top of mind. This is why this is the most popular choice for wholesale accounts. Carry one exclusive fragrance in a variety of products, what great marketing!

Why don't you make (insert particular product here) anymore? Can't you make it for me?

Prices are all over the place for supplies. Items are getting discontinued or back ordered all the time. I offer what I offer to be able to give the best pricing and turn around time as possible. Unfortunately, due to volume/scheduling, Selena is not in a position to take on specialty items anymore. This is for retail or wholesale. What we offer is what we offer. If it's not listed, it is not available for order. Again, Selena makes the wholesale orders when you place the order, there is no warehouse of supplies and finished products. Everything is formulated, created, and packaged by Selena in extremely small batches just for you. But she is only one person and there are only so many hours in a day, at some point, there needs to be limits on what is offered.

Why do available fragrances change?

Many fragrances may change or be discontinued all together because a component of the blend was discontinued or no longer available. Regulations also can change on fragrances, so some components may be pulled to meet the new standards, etc. Selena also may pull a fragrance if it is not popular.

Can't I just mix & match scents on my first order? I don't know what will sell for me, this is all new.

Everything is made to order by 1 person, Selena. We have made the smallest safe batches possible available for you to purchase. While we can understand the desire to mix and match, that doesn't change the size batch Selena needs to make, and this needs to work for both parties to be a successful business partnership. We do not keep wholesale inventory because currently all of our wholesale accounts do custom fragrance blends, it is always unique to that business, so it is made when they order it. 

Can you make (insert certain product not listed on wholesale form) in (insert scent) for me?

After reviewing options, the only products we can make available for wholesale are listed on the wholesale forms. The only fragrance blends available are also listed on the wholesale forms. They will be updated with the most recent information.

How do I place an order?

Send an email to mazapothecary @ and request a wholesale order form, fill out the form, then an invoice will be sent to the email provided. Once the invoice is paid, Selena will start processing and creating your order. See lead times for more information. 

Why do I need to pay at the time of order?

As mentioned above, Selena has been doing this for about 20 years and in that time has learned a lot. Collecting the full order amount at the time of order for custom products is one of those things. 

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