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Persephone Perfume Oil (Roll On)
  • Persephone Perfume Oil (Roll On)

    "Ooohhh!!!", Persephone threw her head back as she laughed with a slightly mocking tone as she teased, "I get it now, you think I'm a victim."


    She tilted her head and her eyes glistened as they peeked out from her dark hair, softening now, along with her voice as she continued, "Can you not fathom that one would choose this life? That one would choose to stay behind to light the way for those who may feel lost or left behind? I can be both, you know. I can be both. I can walk the line between the two, see the beauty in both sides. My eyes are wide open, Dear One."


    Persephone is a Blend of Exotic, Spicy Pomegranate, Cinnamon, Wild Bergamot, Clove Dewberry, Cedar, Iris, Lemon Peel, Precious Woods, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Summer Herbs, & Crushed Fresh Green Leaves.


    Disengage: What others think of you


    Engage: Be the light in the dark, Hold the Light.


    Origin: Greek


    Symbols: Spring, Pomegranate


    Stone: Garnet