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Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils

5 Roll On Bottles of Perfume Oil, must order 5 of each scent. You can choose your own fragrance. If you already have an exclusive blend, please enter the name in notes section of your order. If you would like to order an exclusive blend, please add Exclusive Custom Blend to your order once and then you will be contacted to discuss the process of blending your scent. This is a one time fee, once your fragrance is blended, you can then just order as normal and enter your blend in the notes section.


Avoid harsh sprays with a roll on perfume oil made with organic fractionated coconut oil. Apply on the pulse points and enjoy your favorite scent for hours. 


Ingredients: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Organic Vitamin E.


Please allow 2-3 weeks from date of order for order to be delivered to you. All orders are made once received. Why the long lead time? For perfume oils, you may receive them sooner, it depends on if something needs to be ordered or if we are waiting for supplies, we allow for that in your lead time. Thank you for understanding and ordering accordingly. 


**Please note: We do not recommend seasonal products for wholesale unless you are ordering for a particular event. Seasonal items, historically, do not move as well as our regular inventory. That being said, we are happy to discuss making seasonal products for you. If you would like to discuss that further, please send an email with your information and what you are looking to accomplish.