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From the Ashes Perfume Oil (Roll On)
  • From the Ashes Perfume Oil (Roll On)

    “Why is this happening again?” Phoenix scream-cried, trying to see through her swollen, tear and kohl stained eyes that even still, carried a slight glimmer of hope. She knew the answer, it’s not the same this time, different circumstances, different choices. What is the same is that she doesn’t stay down for long, what is the same is that she will rise again, stronger and wiser than before. What is the same is that she is not broken, what is the same is that she chose not to become the ash, but to rise from it; to allow the flames to strengthen instead of weaken her.”


    From the Ashes is a Blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Amber.


    Disengage: The past/what no longer serves, leave trauma behind. 


    Engage: A new version of self, Rebirth.


    Origin: Mythology throughout the World


    Symbols: Phoenix, Fire


    Stone: Sardonyx


    Element: Fire


    Color: Red, Gold, Black


    From the Ashes...Rises the Phoenix. The magnificent symbol of rebirth, of there always  being a chance to start over anew and leave the past behind. The Phoenix is represented throughout the world. The Phoenix reminds us to take care of ourselves, knowing when to rest, and allowing for recovery, renewal, & rebirth.