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Freya Perfume Oil (Roll On)
  • Freya Perfume Oil (Roll On)

    "What are you really after?" Freya said, with her head still down, slightly tilted, her right eyebrow now raised as her head stays focused on whatever it was that she was writing, but her eyes look up from the paper, almost like she couldn't even be bothered to stop what she was doing to hear him out, and now she's almost daring him to tell her the truth. He knows she is on to him, so he tries to deflect, change the subject, go back over his talking points, but she is having none of it. "What are you really after here?", she repeats. He knows he is outmatched on this one. But, what to do? Does he double down on the lie and keep going or does he find a way to get out of there without her righteous wrath?


    Freya is a Blend of Almonds, Oats, Cherries, Honey, Orange Peel, Milk, and Vanilla.


    Disengage: Looking at life as a battle to be won in some way.


    Engage: Wisdom, Confidence, Strength, Discernment.


    Origin: Norse Mythology


    Symbols: Cats, Chariot, Boar


    Stone: Amber


    Element: Fire




    Freya is a favorite of mine, although, I would probably say that about all of them. Her fragrance is as straight forward as she is. She kept coming up for me, over and over, I couldn't figure out why, now, years later, I read a line about her that made it all come together for me. The author said, "Freya suffers no fool." Not only was she incredibly wise with knowledge, she was wise enough to not tolerate foolishness. At that time, I was tolerating a lot of nonsense from the people around me, they were terrible, and I was the one putting up with it. Is that on them or me? Freya was known for her beloved amber necklace and her chariot that was pulled by Giant Blue Cats, she was frequently shown with a boar. As the goddess of fertility, love, lust, war, and wisdom, she is the most well known of the Norse Goddesses. There are too many stories about her to recount, but if you are interested in looking into it, I highly recommend Neil Gaiman's book on Norse Mythology.