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Manifestation Candle

This is a beautiful, vegan, Palm Free wax candle scented with "Anahita" (fresh lavender and bright lemons). Each candle is cured for at least 2 weeks for a great scent throw. 


Each candle contains:

Gold - Represents the Sun, Abundance, Connection to the Cosmos, Wisdom

Rhodochrosite - Opens the Heart, Can help you connect to a higher level of consciousness, which can help you to create the life you wish to live.

Rainbow Moonstone - Calming & Relaxing, Connected to the Moon, Feminine Energy, Intuition, Can help you to connect to your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Peridot - Life giving energy, Represents the Heart, The ability to turn night into day. Your cheerleader to keep you optimistic!

Bloodstone - Grounding, Stabilizing, Supports you in working with a higher level of energy. Warriors used to carry it for protection and prestige, and to banish evil.

Amethyst - This soothing stone is said to help ease tensions, anxiety, anger, and stresses. Helps you to let things go so that you can connect deeply to your own inner guidance system.

Rhodonite - A stone of Love, Can assist in the emotional healing from trauma, calms emotional shock and panic and allows one to deal with painful issues.

Citrine - Known as the "Merchant's Stone" or "Success Stone", Citrine is a stone of Abundance and Joy and Transmutation. It is a stone of the Sun.

Shungite - Shungite is a balancing gemstone that aids in the purification and transmutation of trapped power, helping you handle life perceptions and emotions with insight and perspective. It can help in cleansing the emotional and spiritual bodies of anger, unworthiness, and negative thoughts that hold you back and distort your view of reality. The ability to recognize your actual limits without trying to justify or be inflexible. It is said to increase your physical vitality, eliminating chronic fatigue.

Blue Apatite - The stone of independence, motivation, and ambition. Helps with group communication, stimulates the intellect and brings ideas from the mind down into the earth realm through realizations. Can assist you in expressing yourself and your ideas.

Garnet - Physical Love, Loving Partnership, Fire, Passion, Creativity, Strength, Garnet is a stone of commitment, commitment to oneself, to a mission, to another. Devotion, Understanding, Transmutation via fire. 

Flowers - Red Roses (Unconditional Love & Passion), Corn Flowers (Happiness, Love, Hope, Devotion, Anticipation).