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Brigit Perfume Oil (Roll On)
  • Brigit Perfume Oil (Roll On)

    She giggled as she ran along the path, occasionally glancing back to make sure he was not far behind her. He wasn't. He always kept up, but still, she always checked. As Brigit continued through the dense and lush forest towards the clearing, she twirled around as the sunlight danced through the trees lighting up her face like a dream. She paid no mind to the blocked path ahead, she just frolicked along and somehow, she just made it to the other side with no sign of what was once blocking the path.


    She continued, leading him to the clearing, revealing the bright, beautiful meadow where they ate, drank, and were merry. She smelled the flowers and talked to the bees which inspired him to start singing a silly impromptu song to her. As she threw her head back and laughed, he couldn't help but think of how perfect this moment, and this day have been. 


    Brigit is a Blend of Wild Flowers, Fresh Herbs, Ripened Pears, Clovers, Violets, Peonies, Ripe Red Raspberries, Tea Rose, Gooseberries, Jasmine, Musk, Vanilla Bean, and Strawberries, with Slight Musk Undertones.


    Disengage: Blockages/Stagnant Energy.


    Engage: Creativity/Imagination.


    Origin: Celtic Mythology


    Symbols: Bridge, Brigit's Cross, Eternal Flame, Spring


    Stone: Fire Quartz


    Element: Fire




    Brigit is a Celtic Goddess of creativity, fertility, Spring, light, and energy. Said to be the bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds, she helps us tap into our inner flame while also burning away what is no longer needed. In this way, she helps us remove blockages and create with that inner flame of creativity.