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Artisan Salt Bars (Soap)

10 Bars of our Artisan Salt Bars (soaps) (3 oz/bar). You can choose your own fragrance and color. Salt bars are 1 color only, 1 clay only, or natural color. If you already have an exclusive blend, please enter the name in notes section of your order. If you would like to order an exclusive blend, please add Exclusive Custom Blend to your order once and then you will be contacted to discuss the process of blending your scent. This is a one time fee, once your fragrance is blended, you can then just order as normal and enter your blend in the notes section.


Salt bars are a wonderful and gentle exfolianting bar. This is a limited ingredient product that has been one of our best sellers for over a decade. These long lasting (as long as they are kept out of the water and allowed to dry in between) and rock hard bars create a rich, luscious lather. 


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Mediterranean and/or Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Berkey Filtered Crystal Infused Moon Water, Raw Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Skin Safe Colorants, Vitamin E.


Possible Additives: Activated Charcoal, Clays, If interested in additives, email for more information. If using additives, it may limit colors that can be used with good results.


Please allow 10-12 weeks from date of order for order to be delivered to you. All orders are made once received. Why the long lead time? Soaps take up to 10 weeks to cure, they need to be made and packaged and shipped, so please allow a full 12 weeks. Thank you for understanding and ordering accordingly. 


**Please note: We do not recommend seasonal products for wholesale unless you are ordering for a particular event. Seasonal items, historically, do not move as well as our regular inventory. That being said, we are happy to discuss making seasonal products for you. If you would like to discuss that further, please send an email with your information and what you are looking to accomplish.