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Anahita Perfume Oil (Roll On)
  • Anahita Perfume Oil (Roll On)

    “Why would I be scared?” asked Anahita. She said it as if that was the weirdest thing one could ever ask her. Nevermind that anyone in their right mind would be terrified if they were in her shoes. But she’s not in her right mind, she is in her heart…all in, actually, all in on that big, beautiful, fierce heart of hers. The one that tells her that the purity of intentions repels fear. The one that keeps that fire within her burning bright, lighting the way so that the fears have no shadows in which to hide. The one that gives that fear a voice and then laughs it off because it knows that none of those things are real. The one that believes in truth, justice, & love always being worth fighting for. The one that tells her to stand tall, be strong, to know and do what is right. Not what others say is right, but what she knows is right and true down to her very core. 


    Like the water she represents, she goes with the flow, for the most part. But she certainly swims against the current whenever she chooses. She can be soft, gentle, and calm or she can be pure chaos and destruction, but whatever form she comes in, she is always pure and fearless.


    Anahita is a Refreshing, Clean and Pure Blend of Bright Lemons and Fresh Lavender. 


    Disengage: Fear


    Engage: Purity of Intention


    Origin: Persian/Armenian Mythology


    Symbols: Peacock, Dove


    Stone: Clear Quartz


    Element: Water


    Color: White


    The month of November belongs to Anahita.


    Anahita is a blend that reminds us to stop and think, make sure our intentions are pure before proceeding, for if your intentions are pure, there is no shadow for your fears to hide in, all is in the light, able to be seen.


    Anahita is the goddess of health, healing, wisdom, water (& the moon), and fertility. She purifies and strengthens. She became a goddess of war since soldiers were praying to her for their survival before battle. Anahita teaches us that if we have purity of intention, there is no fear that can get in our way. We must release fear and tune into our pure intentions in order to create the life we wish to live. Things may come up, but if you keep a clear vision and maintain pure intentions, you will always come out ahead one way or another.