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How can you tap into who you truly are and what
you love to do if you don't know who or what that is? How can you transmute something you don't understand?

Selena provides the tools and support to those who are ready to dive deep. She has a way of asking questions that helps to pull your truth and gifts to the forefront to help inspire you to create from a pure place without resistance.


*Do you want to understand your story from a new perspective? 

*Would you like to start to trust yourself above all others?

*Would you like to learn how to recognize what role you are playing in each moment and learn how to turn it around if it is not what you prefer?

*Have you always wanted to discover your super powers?

*Do you want to learn how to channel those powers or gifts into their own form of creativity and creation? 

 You can reclaim your story. You choose how you show up in your life. You can choose to play the role you want to play instead of the one you are unconsciously playing out. Learn to form and trust a true connection with your own inner guidance system and let go of what others think and say so that you can create without resistance.

It's all about understanding, then learning balance; balance of heart, mind, and  body because if you can get all of you on the same page, working towards the same goal, consciously, without self sabotage, you are unstoppable. Tap into your creativity and learn how to harness that and turn it into something beautiful! 

Learn how to get in touch with your inner guidance system to release limiting beliefs and patterns in order to transform into the person you want and know you can be. Understand your story fully so that you can then rewrite it to what you want it to be, expressing yourself freely! 


One-on-One Sessions

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Contact Selena for information on Intensives & Packages!

My experience with Selena was incredibly helpful. With her guidance and knowledge, she was able to help me with not only feeling a connection and an alignment with my higher self, but also a better understanding of my patterns.

- Sam R., Pennsylvania

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